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How to Write a Killer SAT Essay -- Two Chapter Preview

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Killer SAT Grammar app can make preparing for the writing section a slam dunk!

March 14 2014
- With the SAT coming up soon in May wouldn't it be great if there were a quick and easy way for students to ace the writing portion of the test?

Killer SAT Grammar provides an app that does just that! Tom Clements Tutoring in the San Francisco Bay Area has helped hundreds of students master a short and simple list of 9 user-friendly grammar rules to make sure they are prepared for the SAT writing section. Killer SAT Grammar was developed especially to incorporate these rules in a cool, interactive way that tests three different levels of learning expertise:

  • Study – The first level describes the nine Killer SAT Grammar rules needed to obtain top scores in the grammar section. Intereactive graphics and a slideshow movie make the rules easy to learn and fun — each rule reinforces the concepts and optimizes learning.
  • Jumbles – This strategic level mixes interactive questions from the Study level in random order, forcing students to think on their feet!
  • Test – The most advanced level provides SAT style questions specifically designed to reinforce the rules presented in all levels of the Killer SAT Grammar app.

The Killer SAT Grammar app is the key to raising grammar scores on the SAT.

Killer SAT Grammar is available to download for FREE from the iTunes Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The latest version of the app has been fully optimized for iOS 7, iPhone 5 and Retina displays and includes a new video section where app creator Tom Clements breaks down the SAT essay in 11 easy youtube workshop sessions. youtube/tctutoring

Notes to Editors
The Killer SAT Grammar app was created by Tom Clements Tutoring. For more information on the app please contact or call (925) 376-4704 or visit


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